Belize’s Frontline Workers Under Pressure from GOB

The Government of Belize will be penalizing those who do not get the vaccination for Covid-19 by August 1st 2021. This is a dangerous precedent to take as the vaccines have been rushed through the FDA process and approved on an “EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION”.  Some have died when gotten the vaccine. Will government be sued or taken to court to force individuals to get a covid shot. This should be a personal choice and no one should loose thier jobs for not wanting to take a Covid shot in Belize to make sure they get a job. That just shows and demonstrates that Government of Belize will do whatever they can to bring in tourist dollars even risking Belizean lives if need be. In their view the rewards is greater than the risk.

Why should frontline workers face the pressure from GOB. If a frontline worker can present a negative covid test then no one should be forced to do so. In the United States its been a battle between states and the federal government. The US constitution protects a citizen rights. This might even end up in the Supreme court if the Federal Government forces vaccination passports for its citizens. In Belize though who is going to fight for Belizeans rights. Who will be courageous to take the government to court if need be or will Belizeans just accept it and take a knee. Time will tell how this all plays out for the Hotel Workers, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers and Tour Operators of Belize.


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